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zubereiten  to prepare     

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Sample sentences:
Wir müssen die Leber entweder jetzt gleich zubereiten oder einen Kühlschrank finden, um sie nicht verderben zu lassen.

We have to prepare the liver right now or find a fridge to keep it from going off.
Wir haben zum ersten Mal einen Auberginen Auflauf mit Seezunge zubereitet. For the first time we prepared an eggplant bake with bass.
Die beste Spaghettisauce, die ich je probierte, war kalt und in einem Mixer zubereitet. The best spaghetti sauce I have ever tried was cold and simply prepared in a blender.

As I mentioned before, due to the small memory size and the relatively large size of the application, a little of the traffic was lost. This traffic appeared on the log file as well as in the analyzer.
In the following pages I would like to talk about a topic which should concern everyone of us. It is a delicate topic which has been present as long as human beings have existed and it will last forever.
We checked in, took a refreshing hot shower and were really happy about our accommodation. As it was late, we took another ride to some restaurant. When we payed the driver he told us that he had no change.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of zubereiten
bereite zu  bereitest zu  bereitet zu  bereiten zu  bereitet zu  bereiten zu  bereitete zu  bereitetest zu  bereitete zu  bereiteten zu  bereitetet zu  bereiteten zu     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of prepare   [ prepared, prepared ]