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Translation of accompany in German

to accompany      begleiten 

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accompany a friend einen Freund begleiten
to accompany; to go along with begleiten
to accompany begleiten; einhergehen mit
accompany eşlik etmek; arkadaşlık etmek
to accompany begleiten; mitkommen
To Accompany Begleiten

I would like to have you as my good friend and maybe we can go to places in the near future, and maybe we will travel together to China as well one day (if you wish to go there). Tell me more about yourself as I will love to know about you.
how are you? Where do you live in Austria? I hope your Spanish is good enough that you understand my sentences! If you can't understand it i will write this in English. I live in Munich, btw.
Breakfast was really nice, since the hotel had a nice buffet and good coffee. We than went to look for a car rental service to get a car for the day. We wanted to drive around the lakes region.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of accompany   [ accompanied, accompanied ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of begleiten
begleite  begleitest  begleitet  begleiten  begleitet  begleiten  begleitete  begleitetest  begleitete  begleiteten  begleitetet  begleiteten