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Translation of different in German

different     andere; anders; verschieden

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Sample sentences:
Bridal fashion today includes dresses in many different colors.

Brautmode umfasst heutzutage Kleider in allen möglichen Farben.
Sorry, Miss Dot, but we need women of a different caliber. Es tut mir leid, Frau Dot, aber wir brauchen Frauen von anderem Kaliber.
In the sleeper, I heard at least three different snorers and couldn't sleep. Im Schlafwagen hörte ich mindestens drei verschiedene Schnarcher und konnte nicht schlafen.
different kinds of verschiedene Sorten von
in different ways auf verschiedene Weise
variable; different unterschiedlich
different (from) verschieden (von)
to make different verändern2
different andere/anderer/anderes
different andere, verschiedene
different verschieden, anders
different verschieden; anders

We decided to the the super deluxe suite but once the reception clown told us that we could not have it without surcharge we decided to take the second best room for the price that we paid.
This site is a good website for me, because I don't know many people to talk to in English. But I am at the beginning of my way, since I am mother of two and I do not have enough time to practice.
The next morning we got up at 4.30. At sunrise, one hour later, a taxi waited for us in front of the hotel. He would take us on a 2 hours private sightseeing tour around Arequipa, just before traffic started.
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