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Translation of disclose in German

to disclose     bekanntgeben

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to disclose; to reveal etw. enthüllen
to inform; disclose; impart mitteilen
to disclose bekannt geben, verraten
to reveal; to disclose preisgeben
disclose enthüllen,aufdecken
advise; disclose mitteilen

The connecting flight to Phuket was fully booked, and the connection to Krabi had five empty seats. The problem was that the boarding began in ten minutes and I did not even have a ticket.
I really value honest comments, and I am a believer that it is the only way that the social community system works, so as to know whom you can trust on both sides. Programmers did a great job if you were asking me.
Do not worry, please, all is well here. I find it fascinating how fast you can write texts in foreign languages. I know how hard it is, and I congratulate you. Waiting to your next email.
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