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Translation of drum in German

to drum     trommeln
the drum     die Trommel

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Sample sentences:
The rain was drumming at Maria's window.

Der Regen trommelte an Marias Fenster.
The rhythm of the Japanese drum made us dance all night. Der Rhythmus der japanischen Trommel ließ uns die ganze Nacht lang tanzen.
the drum(s) die Trommel, Trommeln
drum; drums Trommel; Schlagzeug
bass drum Große Trommel
washing drum Waschtrommel
snare drum Wirbeltrommel
drum Trommel /Schlagzeug
drum Trommel,Schlagzeug
hit the drum trommeln
drum; barrel Faß
drum head Fell

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English Verbs    
Conjugation of drum   [ drummed, drummed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of trommeln
trommle  trommelst  trommelt  trommeln  trommelt  trommeln  trommelte  trommeltest  trommelte  trommelten  trommeltet  trommelten