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Translation of entrance in German

the entrance     der Eingang; der Zugang
the entrance     der Einstieg; der Eintritt

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Sample sentences:
The entrance was adorned with myrtle branches.

Der Eingang war mit Myrthezweigen geschmückt.
The passageway led to the secret entrance of the old church. Der Durchgang führte zum Geheimeingang der alten Kirche.
The floor in the entrance hall was made of red granite. Der Boden in der Eingangshalle war aus rotem Granit.
entrance exam die aufnahmeprüfung(1)
to enter; entrance eintreten; Eingang
admission; entrance Zulassung
entrance (fee) Eintrittspreis
entrance hall Korridor/Diele
entrance fee eintritt(sgeld)
entrance fee Eintrittsgeld
entrance Eintritt; Eingang
Main Entrance Haupteingang

This site was one of the country's most famous places as Tomb Rider with Angelina Jolie was filmed there. It was built like a pyramid with many stairs and little towers. The place was called Angkor Thom.
The architecture is much more interesting and beautiful than its sister in the South. The architecture was influenced by the French but also by the Chinese. The buildings are thin and tall.
Needless to say, Machu Picchu has earned its reputation and was definitely one of the highlights of our journey: We took the train to Aguas Calientes in the early morning.
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