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Translation of fussy in German

fussy     heikel; kleinlich; penibel; pingelig; wählerisch

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Sample sentences:
She was fussy when it came to the color of the icing.

Sie war wählerisch, was die Farbe der Glasur anging.
fussy kleinglich; pingelig
fussy pingelig, heikel
fussy umständlich
fussy, petty pingelig

I have been living in Holland for the last 14 years and I know the mentality very well. Holland is a small country, everybody knows everybody, so if we want to succeed, we must seize the opportunity.
Please give me a minute to work on it, I've currently three people talking to me at the same time over the support chat, plus two others in form of real people in my office! (Yes this still exists, real people...). Is that OK?
Yes, come to Switzerland. May I ask if you have friends here? Pity that Geneva is so far away from Zurich, about 3 hours by train. If you have the time you need to visit me. We have a great lake.
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