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Translation of honeymoon in German

the honeymoon     die Flitterwochen
the honeymoon     die Hochzeitsreise

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Sample sentences:
They had seen the aurora once in Scotland during their honeymoon.

Sie hatten einmal Polarlichter auf ihrer Hochzeitsreise in Schottland gesehen.
The couple enjoyed their honeymoon cruise from Hawaii to Mexico. Das Paar genoss seine Hochzeitskreuzfahrt von Hawaii nach Mexiko.
On their honeymoon trip, Eva and Robert drove along the romantic Rhine river. Auf ihrer Hochzeitsreise fuhren Eva und Robert am romantischen Rhein entlang.
honeymoon Flitterwochen; Hochzeitsreise
honeymoon der Flitterwochen

We entered the club which started to fill up around mid-night. The atmosphere was great and many handsome men and beautiful women were dancing on the different floors of the club. We were upstairs.
In the end of the day we went to visit the Vietnam war museum. It is actually called the American war museum. It gives the Western visitors a different point of view of the events forty years ago.
We had decided to fly to Lima (instead of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and to visit Machu Picchu just a few weeks before leaving Europe.
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