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Translation of hypocrisy in German

the hypocrisy     die Heuchelei

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Sample sentences:
The hypocrisy of preaching environmental protection driving around in a Porsche!

Diese Heuchelei, Umweltschutz zu predigen und in einem Porsche herumzufahren!

My husband wants to see the places his parents come from. They're from Michigan. And I'll take the opportunity to visit my brother in law in Carolina, he is 63 years old. Towards the end of the trip we will attend a conference.
This is another sentence that was missing. This morning I brought my daugther to the kindergarden as I do every morning. She is in that terrible two age and people told me that it is not an easy age.
In April I will travel again to Andalusia for 6 weeks and I will visit the same language school again. This school is incredibly good, I've learned a lot there. Shall I send you the address?
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