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Translation of John in German

the John     der Hans

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Sample sentences:
Ten bonnie lasses greeted John at the gate.

Zehn hübsche Mädchen begrüßten John an der Pforte.
Even though John could already walk, he still preferred his buggy. Obwohl John schon laufen konnte, zog er immer noch seinen Buggy vor.
Be honest, John, I got this information first hand! Sei ehrlich John, ich habe es aus erster Hand erfahren!
loo; john Klo

Mr. Kohler, Ms. Johansen, in June I will be in Darmstadt for several days and would like to meet you both. Are you in the week of June 16 to June 20 in Germany? I think I also bring gifts.
It is late here. I will summarize a few points we discussed and I am looking forward to work with you on this project, hopefully for a long time. I have seen that you have already added a few words.
Where do you come from originally and how long have you been living in America? My week was very long. And how was your week? I do not know how to describe my life as I never had a writing pal.
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