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Translation of jolly in German

jolly     fröhlich

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Sample sentences:
The motley crew of musicians was a jolly sight.

Die bunte Gruppe von Musikanten war ein lustiger Anblick.
Jolly was his nickname because he was a happy clown. Jolly war sein Spitzname, denn er war ein fröhlicher Clown.
jolly well einfach; ebenso
jolly ausgelassen

One of my favorite seasons is the winter, the time in which everything is white and bright. But even though I like this time of the year a part of me detests it because of it may drawbacks.
I have your letter sitting on my desk. But, in the last 2 months I have been working on some projects which were very time consuming. I will not be able to start anything new before October or November.
There were heaps of people in this area and we really had to struggle to get through the crowds. We drank a few beers and a couple glasses of wine and being totally tipsy Lili decided she needed to return.
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