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Translation of lurch in German

the lurch     der Ruck

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Sample sentences:
The lurch from the sudden stop woke me up.

Der Ruck von der plötzlichen Bremsung weckte mich auf.

Good luck and success in this new job. Please tell Anna that this morning I had a great Capuchino coffee and I had to think of her. The aroma reminded me of our vacation in Northern Italy.
Basically, I would write an idea in English (or better in German) about Spanish Grammar or English Grammar and you could help editing it and translating it. I can send you emails with some remarks a little later or tomorrow. It is already 8.30 here.
I am also your friend now, how nice is that. I am learning English for a year. I love this language. I already can speak Spanish, because my mother is from Mexico. Your German is really well!
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