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Translation of service in German

the service     das Service; der Dienst; die Dienstleistung
the service     die Bedienung

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Sample sentences:
Roland wanted to join the marines but was considered unfit for military service.

Roland wollte zu den Marines, wurde jedoch für den Militärdienst als untauglich befunden.
The vicar had had a rough night and was late for the service. Der Pfarrer hatte eine anstrengende Nacht gehabt und kam zu spät zum Gottesdienst.
Our local mail service is incredibly reliable and friendly. Unser lokaler Postdienst ist unglaublich verlässlich und freundlich.
direct debiting service Abbuchungsverfahren
full-service restaurant die Gaststätte
public service(1) öffentlicher Dienst
to do military service Wehrdienst leisten
car rental Service Autovermietungsservice
service station/garage die Tankstelle
offer a service einen Dienst anbieten
service sector Dienstleistungssektor
counselling service Beratungsdienst

They will need to fix their issues. Thank you for the meeting. I will be more than happy to do a small trial in your and in Mike's lab. Let me know when it fits you best. Below my contact details.
On Friday we are flying to Switzerland and then on Monday we will continue to Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. I am very excited. Maybe this is going to be a great experience again.
We considered staying a little longer in this region but the weather forecast foresaw heavy winds and lots of rain. We therefore decided to move on to our next destination which was the Peninsula Valdes.
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