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Without in German

without      ohne 

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Sample sentences:
In Japanese families without sons, adoptive sons often take over the father's position as head of the family.

In sohnlosen japanischen Familien werden oft angenommene Söhne zum Nachfolger des Vaters.
Be quiet, Patsy, we can do without your moronic suggestions! Sei ruhig, Patsy, wir kommen gut ohne deine schwachsinnigen Vorschläge aus!
The ninja made it up the castle wall without difficulty. Der Ninja erkletterte problemlos die Schlossmauer.
without obligation ohne Verpflichtung; unverbindlich
seamless; without any transition übergangslos
without proper training ohne richtiges Training
give up; do without; abandonar verzichten
without distinction ohne Unterschied
without hesitation ohne zögern
without delay unverzüglich
exchange without money barter
without (something) ohne dass

I am trying to learn Spanish because Spanish is becoming more and more important in the USA because of immigrants. Especially here in Texas. I used to live in Nevada for many years. Boring place, gotta tell ya.
I speak English but it is not good and i know that. Well tell something about you? Can i have your email address because if we chat a little I am sure we can both learn some nice language skills.
The same night we went to a great restaurant in town (near the main street). We met a very friendly couple in their fifties from Buenos Aires. They told us many interesting stories about Argentina.
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