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Translation of inteligencia

la inteligencia     the intelligence    
la inteligencia     the wit    

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Sample sentences:
Le falta inteligencia emocional.

He lacks emotional intelligence.
La corteza cerebral es la parte del cerebro donde reside nuestra inteligencia. The cerebral cortex is the part of the brain where our intelligence resides.

I understood that this was a real problem in this country and many foreigners came for sex tourism. Many bad stories had happened but my hosts were decent people. I could tell that right away.
But we need to asked ourselves why we actually are built in such a way that we so easily dislike others and build stereotypes. What leads to such behavior even in well educated individuals?
I found a pair of Nike shoes for a bargain and I do not know until this day why those shoes were so cheap. I am sure that they are not fake, as they are great quality. My wife also bought a pair.
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