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Translation of wit in Spanish

the wit     el juicio    ; la agudeza    ; la inteligencia    

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Sample sentences:
He was determined to impress her with his wit.

Estaba decidido a impresionarla con su ingenio.
She replied to him with such wit that he could not help but laugh. Ella le contestó con tanta agudeza que él no pudo evitar reírse.

The first day in a new place is always a little strange. One has to get used to the new environment. I believe that the more someone tries to adapt the faster he gets used to new spots and new people.
The other visitors in my group were from the United States, Canada, Germany and from other parts in Mexico. I need to say that it was so much fun to meet people and spend an entire trip with them.
I chose a room in the center of town. I went to the northern beach of the island which was supposedly the most beautiful one. There were many young tourist lying in the sand but I still felt foreign.
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