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Translation of irrespetuoso

irrespetuoso     disrespectful    

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Sample sentences:
Yo no quiero ser irrespetuoso, pero usted acaba de cometer un gran error.

I don't want to be disrespectful, but you have just made a huge mistake.

Well why are you doing that to yourself? That is very hard. You can easily write in another language, if you prefer, because I speak many languages and I can understand many more. I only have problems with writing.
I have not installed ICQ, unfortunately, but I know many people who use other means of communication, perhaps I can down load it! Currently I am unemployed, I have worked as a waitress.
I have problems with adjectives, endings and articles. The grammar is so difficult. I am very happy to learn Spanish with you. What went wrong with the lessons? Thanks and best regards.
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