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Translation of malbaratar

malbaratar     to squander    

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for a minute I blamed the burger that I had eaten at the duty free back in Cancun, but thinking a little further I recalled eating street food the night earlier, as it was Mexican independence day.
I walked down the main street of the town and soon found out that there was a nice place not far from the main square. It cost around two hundred pesos which was equivalent to twenty US Dollars.
I had imagined my first dinner to be a little different, but I was already here and wanted to make the best out of it. So i ate there and return to my hostel at around ten o'clock at night.
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Conjugation of malbaratar
malbarato  malbaratas  malbarata  malbaratamos  malbaratáis  malbaratan  malbarataba  malbaratabas  malbarataba  malbaratábamos  malbaratabais  malbarataban  malbaraté  malbarataste  malbarató  malbaratamos  malbaratasteis  malbarataron  malbarataré  malbaratarás  malbaratará  malbarataremos  malbarataréis  malbaratarán