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Translation of squander in Spanish

to squander     despilfarrar    ; malbaratar    

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We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
I took her down to the bathroom, and her pants and shoes were full of vomit. We were sure that it was not alcohol, but that there was something wrong with the food we had at this "nice" restaurant.
After an hour flight and 1000km further south, we landed in Calama. It was already 9pm and it was already dark. We still weren't at our final destination, but much much closer. We took a cab again to the city center.
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Conjugation of despilfarrar
despilfarro  despilfarras  despilfarra  despilfarramos  despilfarráis  despilfarran  despilfarraba  despilfarrabas  despilfarraba  despilfarrábamos  despilfarrabais  despilfarraban  despilfarré  despilfarraste  despilfarró  despilfarramos  despilfarrasteis  despilfarraron  despilfarraré  despilfarrarás  despilfarrará  despilfarraremos  despilfarraréis  despilfarrarán 
Conjugation of malbaratar
malbarato  malbaratas  malbarata  malbaratamos  malbaratáis  malbaratan  malbarataba  malbaratabas  malbarataba  malbaratábamos  malbaratabais  malbarataban  malbaraté  malbarataste  malbarató  malbaratamos  malbaratasteis  malbarataron  malbarataré  malbaratarás  malbaratará  malbarataremos  malbarataréis  malbaratarán