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Translation of timer in Spanish

the timer     el temporizador    

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Sample sentences:
She has set the timer of the washing machine so that it starts working at 6am.

Ella ajustó el temporizador de la lavadora para que comience a trabajar a las 6.

I will built a function that will do all lowercase but meanwhile, I would be happy if it could be rewritten to lower case... Is it possible for you? They should all be lowercase, I did it inadvertently.
This afternoon I will fly to Chile. My two brothers and sisters live there. They are also very old and my brother has already died. My parents emigrated 30 years ago, but they wanted to stay.
I come from Bavaria and live in Munich. How are you? Sorry that I am replying your email just now, but again I am covered with work. My boss is back from vacation and gives me many assignments.
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