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Translation of toward in Spanish

toward     hacia    

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Sample sentences:
That actor regards the bad reviews he receives as a personal aggression toward him.

Ese actor considera las malas críticas que recibe como una agresión personal contra él.
Some animals are very dangerous due to their aggressiveness toward human beings. Algunos animales son muy peligrosos debido a su agresividad contra los seres humanos.

Robert wants to tell us not only about nature and its secrets but also about the ability of the human being to recognize what happens around us. We see only the nice side if we just read and do not analyze.
Seldom only do such incidents occur, thank God, but the fact is that these incidents, which are started by a relatively small group, need to have a broader support among others in order to exist.
The same evening we left Patagonia and flew to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. We have waited a long time for this moment as we have not been in a city for almost two weeks and we usually love the city.
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