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Translation of marfil

el marfil     the ivory    

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Sample sentences:
Asesinan a los elefantes por el marfil de sus colmillos.

Elephants are killed for the ivory of their tusks.

Since it had no wind and no turbulences at all we landed right on time. I had an entire afternoon until my connection to Havana and decided to spend it in the duty free shops, or in the restaurants.
Please postpone by three days to one week. I am abroad, and Loraine can't come with the baby. We are available from august 31 until September 23 (except September 16) where we have other commitments.
The young women rowed towards us and tried to sell food and souvenirs. We were not interested and she tried to block us and prevent us from swimming back to our vessel. So we dove beneath her.
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