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Translation of materno

materno     maternal    

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Sample sentences:
Su lengua materna es el español.

Her mother tongue is Spanish.
Nunca conoció a sus abuelos maternos. She never knew her maternal grandparents.
El psicólogo dijo que tenía una fijación materna. The psychologist said that he had a mother fixation.

Some idiot copied it from there and inserted it into our vocabulary builder. He is allowed to do it as long as he indicates that sentences where taken from another source and are for self usage only.
I will be creating an additional study with a student (his name is Juan), which may appear in local newspapers in the future (in English). However, this may take a couple of weeks too.
I sell clothes for children, women and men. I love my work. By the way: In Germany it is very cold, minus 15. We seem to be friends for years but have known each other just for two weeks.
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