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Translation of menudo

menudo     small    

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Sample sentences:
Las personas relacionadas con el fútbol quieren excluir la violencia que a menudo acompaña a ese juego.

People related to soccer want to exclude the violence that often accompanies that game.
A menudo salgo a correr. I go out jogging often.
menudo small; insignificant
a menudo often; thin
a menudo often (ph)

I made a mistake regarding the information of the yield, you were right. I do not know whether the software had a license, I will let you know once I speak with my employer (tomorrow). Hasta luego.
One could see in every touristic site and traveler's office advertisement for language schools and private teachers. The teachers usually gave the CV with an nice picture of themselves. It looked funny.
We were Lao Cai around six o'clock but the train left only at eight. I was somehow relieved though that we had all the dangerous bus journeys behind us and that we left this lovely place soon.
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