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no      no     
no     no    ; not    
no     nay    ; nope [coll]

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cómo no; por supuesto; naturalmente of course; of course; of course
sin embargo; no obstante nonetheless; nevertheless
claro que si; como no; por supuesto Of course
No hablar Español Don't speak Spanish
no obstante however; nevertheless
no tener sentido to make no sense
pequeño / peque~na(2) little
Él no fuma He doesn't smoke
(no) Tiene He/she (doesn't) has
no tiene remedio It is hopeless
tener sueño(1) to be tired
No tanto; no mucho Not so much

The utopia from Germany is not very different from the Utopia of other countries. People want to be rich, free and happy. What is special in Switzerland is that people do not care about other nations.
It comes not only from the need to feel superior (which would be a legitimate and natural desire), it is also the consequence of ignorance, believe in stereotypes and old-fashioned intolerance.
I made plans to visit a surfing contest with a girl that I have met on the first day. We agreed to meet at ten in the morning at her place. I couldn't keep my eyes open and decided to quit.
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