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Translation of peligro

el peligro      the danger     
el peligro     the jeopardy    ; the peril    

Pronunciation of peligro    

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Sample sentences:
¿Están los rinocerontes en peligro de extinción?

Are rhinos in danger of extinction?
Los pandas son una especie en peligro de extinción. Pandas are an endangered species.
Los niños pequeños suelen ser intrépidos y no reconocen el peligro. Little children are usually fearless and don't recognize danger.
estar en peligro to be in jeopardy

Dear Arnold, please send me David's contact details. I will arrange a meeting and present him the machine, so that he will know how to operate it properly. Thanks again and all the best.
Most are just afraid of the unknown and see the unknown as a threat to their stabilty. Can one blame them? I think you can blame them. It is the fault of the ones that are scared to improve and learn.
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