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Translation of quizás

quizás      maybe     
quizás     maybe    ; perhaps    

Pronunciation of quizás    

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Sample sentences:
Quizás esté embarazada porque siente náuseas de todo lo que huele.

Maybe she is pregnant because everything she smells gives her nausea.
tal vez; quizás maybe; perhaps
quizás perhaps

As I mentioned before, due to the small memory size and the relatively large size of the application, a little of the traffic was lost. This traffic appeared on the log file as well as in the analyzer.
It is a thought that someone may have if he does not know anything about another group of individuals. He hears many stereotypes and blindly creates his own images in which he strongly believes.
The ship stopped in the middle of several limestone islands and passengers went swimming in the middle of the sea. There were dozens of other boats around us as the area was very touristy.
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