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Translation of maybe in Spanish

maybe      quizás     
maybe      tal vez     

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Sample sentences:
Let's revise all the evidence. Maybe we have overlooked something that might be important.

Vamos a revisar toda la evidencia, tal vez pasamos por alto algo que podría ser importante.
I couldn't find him on Skype. Maybe he has disconnected from the Internet. No pude encontrarlo en Skype. Tal vez se haya desconectado de Internet.
I have a headache; maybe an aspirin will relieve me. Tengo dolor de cabeza, tal vez una aspirina me alivie.
maybe; perhaps tal vez; quizás
maybe (with "q") quizá(s)
maybe (with "a") a lo mejor
maybe (with "t") tal vez
perhaps; maybe acaso
maybe (2) a lo mejor
maybe acaso con

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