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Translation of racimo

el racimo     the bunch    ; the cluster    

Pronunciation of racimo    

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Sample sentences:
Me comí todo el racimo de uvas yo solo.

I ate the whole cluster of grapes by myself.
un racimo de plátanos a bunch of bananas
un racimo de uvas a bunch of grapes

I grabbed a burger from an American fast food chain and swallowed it immediately, as I had not eaten for a while. I boarded the machine and could feel a slight stomachache but decided to ignore.
Anyway, I used these two weeks of break in order to fly to a Spanish speaking country and learn a new language. My friends told me that it was a waste of time but I really insisted. It is educational.
In addition it was a good opportunity to see Macau. Already at the airport a guy approached us and tried to convince us into a day tour with him. We explained that we had only three hours left.
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