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Translation of recaer

recaer     to relapse    

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I grabbed a burger from an American fast food chain and swallowed it immediately, as I had not eaten for a while. I boarded the machine and could feel a slight stomachache but decided to ignore.
The trip included a lot of walking and the guide told us the history of this region, of the Chiapas state and also how it evolved in the context of the entire Mexican country. Very interesting!!!
We considered staying a little longer in this region but the weather forecast foresaw heavy winds and lots of rain. We therefore decided to move on to our next destination which was the Peninsula Valdes.
Newly added translation: rallar    quejido    puesta    propiciar    principado    predominar    porcentaje    plebeyo    pilotear    persecución   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of relapse   [ relapsed, relapsed ]