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Translation of reforma

la reforma      the reconstruction     

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Sample sentences:
Ellos creen que las reformas que le están haciendo a su casa incrementarán su valor.

They think that the alterations they are making to their house will enhance its value.
Usa tu imaginación para figurarte la casa después de las reformas. Use your imagination to picture the house after the alterations.
El arquitecto le envió una factura por las reformas en su casa. The architect sent him an invoice for the alterations in his house.

What steered the little fly to the plant? Naturally, we do not know the answer. The human being cannot understand nature because he is part of it, he is inside it. Therefore he cannot judge objectively.
Usually in a place with a homegenous society hatred towards foreigners can grow much more easy as a small disturbance to the homogenity may upset the entire society. People are not used to changes.
We could not find a nice hotel so we just took whatever we found in the center of town. We were a little upset with the entire stress, so that we had left our bags in the cab when it drove away.
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