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Translation of requerimiento

el requerimiento     the request    

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I will add a feature to the dictionary builder tool, that marks a word as vulgar. The words that are shown in the tool are words that users did not find in our dictionary and a lot of them are vulgar.
Are you currently buried in a lot of work? I am not, because the financial crisis has put me back on hold. I do not work, so I have time for going out in the evening and being online.
If you are spell checking my letters, that would be great. I would then do the same with your letters. Can you please correct this email too? I thank you in advance for helping my Spanish.
Newly added translation: remedar    reflejo    recibo    rapaz    quiebra    pulso    proseguir    privilegio    premeditado    portador   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of request   [ requested, requested ]