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Translation of request in Spanish

to request     solicitar    
the request     la instancia    ; la petición    
the request     el requerimiento    

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Sample sentences:
He was requested to sign an affidavit.

Le pidieron que firmara una declaración jurada.
She requested the annulment of her marriage to Peter. Ella solicitó la anulación de su matrimonio con Peter.
He received a favorable reply to his request. Recibió una respuesta favorable a su solicitud.
to solicit; apply for; request solicitar

I thought it would have been nice to meet each other in person. Do you prefer to teach adults or children? Of course, I want to learn more English and I can help you to learn more German.
The books had cost only two or three dollars, cheap even for second hand books and after buying them I discovered that these were actually copied books and not used books. It was too late.
The town on the other side of the border is called Arica. You immediately see the difference to Peru. Fast food chains, brand names and modern stores appear all over the city.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of request   [ requested, requested ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of solicitar
solicito  solicitas  solicita  solicitamos  solicitáis  solicitan  solicitaba  solicitabas  solicitaba  solicitábamos  solicitabais  solicitaban  solicité  solicitaste  solicitó  solicitamos  solicitasteis  solicitaron  solicitaré  solicitarás  solicitará  solicitaremos  solicitaréis  solicitarán