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el respecto     the respect    

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Sample sentences:
Los niños deben aprender a tener tolerancia respecto a las creencias de otras personas.

Children should be taught to have tolerance towards other people's beliefs.
Ellos ya tienen un acuerdo con respecto al divorcio. They already have an arrangement regarding the divorce.
Esta última versión del programa tiene muchas innovaciones respecto a la versión anterior. This program's latest version has many innovations compared to the version before.
respecto a wat .. betreft
al respecto de regarding
respecto a regarding
respecto respect

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I am a computer scientist and I also have a small restaurant with my younger sister (she is also already 53). You can come and visit, I will buy you a drink and we could chat a little.
Do you speak three languages? Wow? I'm sorry that I am writing to you just now but I have a lot on my mind at the moment. My daughter had a cold and the nanny, too. I needed to stay home.
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