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Translation of restaurante

el restaurante      the restaurant     

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Sample sentences:
McDonald's, el famoso restaurante de hamburguesas, se ha expandido por todo el mundo.

McDonald's, the famous hamburger restaurant, has expanded all over the world.
El catering de la boda fue suministrado por un famoso restaurante. The catering of the wedding party was provided by a famous restaurant.
Este plato de carne es una especialidad de este restaurante. This meat plate is a speciality of this restaurant.
el restaurante the restaurante
el restaurante restaurant

The earlier you go to the top of the mountains the fewer people are on the slopes. I love the sound of the ski-lifts and seeing the villages disappear in the distance while I move up to the mountains.
Wars and struggles are always or mostly based on ignorance, fears and disrespect of the enemies. Unfortunately, the kind of hate which roots in previous wars never stops. Let me be clearer, please.
Usually we were not that picky, but we intended to stay in Buenos Aires for almost 10 days. On the first day we walked around the city center and did some shopping in the Florida passage.
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