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Sample sentences:
Ella usa ropa de los 80 porque le gusta la moda retro.

She wears clothes from the 80's because she likes retro fashion.

Some idiot copied it from there and inserted it into our vocabulary builder. He is allowed to do it as long as he indicates that sentences where taken from another source and are for self usage only.
To grow from there was the right decision. That means that I should find the decision makers of predefined websites, and do not need to search the Web for potential buyers generally.
Right now the weather in Italy is very good. We have 25 degrees and the sun is not too hot. I'm going to swim with my brother, the sea is not far away. Wish you also a happy holiday.
Newly added translation: requisar    remedio    reflexivo    reciclar    rapero    quienquiera    pulverizar    prosperidad    probabilidad    premio