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Translation of secundar

secundar     to second    

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Sample sentences:
Yo era bueno en química en la secundaria.

I was good at chemistry in high school.
Se arrepiente de haber abandonado la escuela secundaria. She regrets having dropped out of high school.

Thanks a lot. Today and tomorrow are holidays in Switzerland, but I'll do it Tuesday first thing in the morning...please have a look at it and confirm. Where do you want me to place a reference?
Please write me from your home as soon as your are back. My Spanish is better than that of most Americans, but my English is worse than that of most people here. It is a strange position that I am in.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of secundar
secundo  secundas  secunda  secundamos  secundáis  secundan  secundaba  secundabas  secundaba  secundábamos  secundabais  secundaban  secundé  secundaste  secundó  secundamos  secundasteis  secundaron  secundaré  secundarás  secundará  secundaremos  secundaréis  secundarán