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Translation of second in Spanish

to second     secundar    
the second      el segundo     
second     segunda    ; segundo    

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Sample sentences:
Texas is the second largest state of the United States.

Texas es el segundo estado más grande de los Estados Unidos.
The coach decided to change the tactics of playing in the second part of the game. El entrenador decidió cambiar la táctica de juego en la segunda parte del juego.
The president's speech seemed eternal; I couldn't help but glance at my watch every 30 seconds. El discurso del presidente me resultó eterno; no pude evitar el mirar el reloj cada 30 segundos.
second hour la segunda hora
second segundo

He was asking the doormen to let us and our friends from Holland in, and so they did. In addition, the guy we met was paying our entrance or got us a free entrance. We do not know and probably never will.
i am student in Zurich. i think that you can learn Spanish quickly. I also registered just a month ago in order to practice some Spanish. i hope i will improve my Spanish soon at this website. We can do it together?
On day two my wife and I took a tour to visit the Altiplano. The tour started a little boring, when we visited a few empty villages nearby which were all pretty much the same. Empty with very little people.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of secundar
secundo  secundas  secunda  secundamos  secundáis  secundan  secundaba  secundabas  secundaba  secundábamos  secundabais  secundaban  secundé  secundaste  secundó  secundamos  secundasteis  secundaron  secundaré  secundarás  secundará  secundaremos  secundaréis  secundarán