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Translation of wonder in Spanish

to wonder     preguntarse    
the wonder     la maravilla    

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Sample sentences:
I wonder why she treated me that way; is she mad at me?

Me pregunto porqué me trató de esa manera; ¿estará enojada conmigo?
wonder; surprise(1) sorprender
no wonder no me extraña
I wonder if me pregunto si

I am from Italy, but I studied in Frankfurt, in Germany. I am done with my bachelor degree. I am an Engineer since last June. where are you from? Which language do you want to practice? I will start studying next week.
Banteay Srey was beautiful. It was a very small temple but it had a lot of detail in it. Simathay explained everything. He was truly a great tour guide and we were happy that we had met him.
The view of the valley, the lakes and the surrounding volcano mountains were breathtaking. We stayed there for nearly one hour and had a little snack. From there we continued to have lunch.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of wonder   [ wondered, wondered ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of preguntarse
[me preguntado]
me pregunto  te preguntas  se pregunta  nos preguntamos  os preguntáis  se preguntan  me preguntaba  te preguntabas  se preguntaba  nos preguntábamos  os preguntabais  se preguntaban  me pregunté  te preguntaste  se preguntó  nos preguntamos  os preguntasteis  se preguntaron  me preguntaré  te preguntarás  se preguntará  nos preguntaremos  os preguntaréis  se preguntarán