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Translation of sincerely in Spanish

sincerely     sinceramente    

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Sample sentences:
I sincerely think that you don't look fat in that dress.

Sinceramente creo que no te ves gorda con ese vestido.
sincerely atentamente

In the that time of the year, when I used to go to school, I had to get up very early and leave the house at around seven o'clock in the morning. At this time it was still night, dark and cold outside.
I interpret this as follows: It reflects the calm life without any hectic atmosphere. The life that these two are looking for (like they did before) is far away: Far away, beyond the river.
We could not find a nice hotel so we just took whatever we found in the center of town. We were a little upset with the entire stress, so that we had left our bags in the cab when it drove away.
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