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Translation of segundo

el segundo      the second     

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Sample sentences:
El discurso del presidente me resultó eterno; no pude evitar el mirar el reloj cada 30 segundos.

The president's speech seemed eternal; I couldn't help but glance at my watch every 30 seconds.
Texas es el segundo estado más grande de los Estados Unidos. Texas is the second largest state of the United States.
Este veneno de víbora puede matar a un ser humano en cuestión de segundos. This viper venom can kill a human being in seconds.
en segundo lugar secondly
segundo second

In order to change something you need to have courage, even if it is the smallest thing. Actually let me refine, changing needs only courage if the current situation is not bad but not perfect either.
So the man and the woman are staing at the station, sitting at their table and tasting unknown alcoholic drinks, wishing they had the same feeling of joy that they had known before this all happened.
I chose a room in the center of town. I went to the northern beach of the island which was supposedly the most beautiful one. There were many young tourist lying in the sand but I still felt foreign.
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