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Translation of sobrante

sobrante     leftover    ; remaining    ; spare    

Pronunciation of sobrante    

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Sample sentences:
Ella le va a hacer un vestido a su hija con la tela sobrante de su vestido.

She will make a dress for her daughter with the remaining material.

I hope you you had a successful week in Dortmund. Because of the bad weather at the last moment I could not get on my flight to Dusseldorf and I have stayed home. I was afraid to fly.
This is another sentence that was missing. This morning I brought my daugther to the kindergarden as I do every morning. She is in that terrible two age and people told me that it is not an easy age.
Do not worry, please, all is well here. I find it fascinating how fast you can write texts in foreign languages. I know how hard it is, and I congratulate you. Waiting to your next email.
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