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Translation of sombrear

sombrear     to shade    

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A bystander who watched the entire scene all the time decided to help me. He was an older man, around seventy, but nonetheless he went to the oldest of these kids and slapped him. The boy was sixteen.
Please write me from your home as soon as your are back. My Spanish is better than that of most Americans, but my English is worse than that of most people here. It is a strange position that I am in.
Although the travel guide book mentioned a three star hotel we did not even had to enter the lobby in order to see that we would not sleep there. So we picked another recommendation and drove on.
Newly added translation: sirio    severo    sello    sangría    rápido    rizado    retirarse    reprochar    relevo    reelección   

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Conjugation of sombrear
sombreo  sombreas  sombrea  sombreamos  sombreáis  sombrean  sombreaba  sombreabas  sombreaba  sombreábamos  sombreabais  sombreaban  sombreé  sombreaste  sombreó  sombreamos  sombreasteis  sombrearon  sombrearé  sombrearás  sombreará  sombrearemos  sombrearéis  sombrearán