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Translation of shade in Spanish

to shade     sombrear    
the shade     la sombra    

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Sample sentences:
I love sitting under the shade of a big tree on sunny days.

En los días soleados me encanta sentarme a la sombra de un gran árbol.
shade la sombra

My Spanish isn't so good.I learn the vocabulary but I need the practise by writing the sentences. It is not easy. I wish you a very nice weekend, I wish you a nice evening and victory today in the football-game Germany-Spain.
We headed back to the hotel with a rickshaw, as usual in this part of the world they drove like crazy but it was hilarious. We went to sleep immediately and did not wake up the entire night.
We walked almost every alley in Cusco, stunned by its beauty and ignoring the developing altitude thickness, which resulted in the most horrible night of our lives.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of sombrear
sombreo  sombreas  sombrea  sombreamos  sombreáis  sombrean  sombreaba  sombreabas  sombreaba  sombreábamos  sombreabais  sombreaban  sombreé  sombreaste  sombreó  sombreamos  sombreasteis  sombrearon  sombrearé  sombrearás  sombreará  sombrearemos  sombrearéis  sombrearán