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Translation of blaze in Spanish

to blaze     arder    ; llamear    

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Sample sentences:
The preacher said that adulterers will burn in hell forever.

El predicador dijo que los adúlteros arderán en el infierno para siempre.
to burn; to blaze arder

All sorts of people were sitting in the restaurant, locals as well as foreigners. One could see that the city had some modern places too and that it was not the Vietnam we had imagined.
We continued to the entrance of Angkor Wat. They told us that if we would wait until after five o'clock we could enter with next day's ticket and still see the sunset. We waited and entered at five.
The border control was in the middle of the Andes mountains, at an elevation of around 2000 meters above sea level. The forest around us was covered with snow and the scenery was breathtaking.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of blaze   [ blazed, blazed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of arder
ardo  ardes  arde  ardemos  ardéis  arden  ardía  ardías  ardía  ardíamos  ardíais  ardían  ardí  ardiste  ardió  ardimos  ardisteis  ardieron  arderé  arderás  arderá  arderemos  arderéis  arderán 
Conjugation of llamear
llameo  llameas  llamea  llameamos  llameáis  llamean  llameaba  llameabas  llameaba  llameábamos  llameabais  llameaban  llameé  llameaste  llameó  llameamos  llameasteis  llamearon  llamearé  llamearás  llameará  llamearemos  llamearéis  llamearán