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Translation of decline in Spanish

to decline     declinar    
the decline     el declive    ; el descenso    ; la ruina    

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Sample sentences:
The inspector declined to comment about the murder.

El inspector declinó hacer comentarios sobre el asesinato.

Next winter I'm going to Spain, where i hope to study Spanish. It's easy to visit Germany. Munich is a big city in Bayern...It's a nice city. Lot's of restaurants, nice buildings, a lake nearby and really friendly people.
We continued to the entrance of Angkor Wat. They told us that if we would wait until after five o'clock we could enter with next day's ticket and still see the sunset. We waited and entered at five.
We arrived at the airport two hours prior to our flight with no seat guaranteed. As these are local flights, the counters open just 1 hour before take-off. The alternative root would be by bus.
Most common translations: dodgeball    embarrassing    explorer    fish    fur    grant    heavy    ignore    jasmine    learning   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of decline   [ declined, declined ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of declinar
declino  declinas  declina  declinamos  declináis  declinan  declinaba  declinabas  declinaba  declinábamos  declinabais  declinaban  decliné  declinaste  declinó  declinamos  declinasteis  declinaron  declinaré  declinarás  declinará  declinaremos  declinaréis  declinarán