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Translation of bleach in Spanish

to bleach     blanquear    

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Sample sentences:
I bleached this pillow case, but its stains did not go away.

Yo blanqueé esta funda, pero las manchas no se le fueron.

All sorts of people were sitting in the restaurant, locals as well as foreigners. One could see that the city had some modern places too and that it was not the Vietnam we had imagined.
We kept asking people how long the walk was and it seemed to stay half an hour even though we past half of it. On the way up, a group of children were playing traditional music for the tourists.
In Bariloche it took us around 3 hours to find a nice hotel. The prices varied a lot and there were no bargains. We settled for the Hotel Tirol, owned by an Austrian lady. It was a cute place with a lake view.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of bleach   [ bleached, bleached ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of blanquear
blanqueo  blanqueas  blanquea  blanqueamos  blanqueáis  blanquean  blanqueaba  blanqueabas  blanqueaba  blanqueábamos  blanqueabais  blanqueaban  blanqueé  blanqueaste  blanqueó  blanqueamos  blanqueasteis  blanquearon  blanquearé  blanquearás  blanqueará  blanquearemos  blanquearéis  blanquearán