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Translation of book in Spanish

to book      reservar     
the book      el libro     

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Sample sentences:
There were several batches of books at the garage sale.

Había varios lotes de libros en la venta de garaje.
There were several book citations in his speech. En su discurso había varias citas de libros.
He was sent an injunction for him to show his financial books to Court. Le fue enviado un mandato judicial para que muestre sus libros financieros al Tribunal.
to be about (book); treat; address tratar de; tratar
Open your book Abrid vuestros libros
to lodge; to book; to put up alojar
book libro; talonario; reservar
to read a book leer un libro
diary, telephone book agenda
book store la librería
Open the book. Abra el libro.
a book un libro

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English Verbs    
Conjugation of book   [ booked, booked ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of reservar
reservo  reservas  reserva  reservamos  reserváis  reservan  reservaba  reservabas  reservaba  reservábamos  reservabais  reservaban  reservé  reservaste  reservó  reservamos  reservasteis  reservaron  reservaré  reservarás  reservará  reservaremos  reservaréis  reservarán