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el libro      the book     

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Sample sentences:
Su libro sobre su viaje a África es muy interesante.

His book about his journey to Africa is very interesting.
Ella ya ha devuelto los libros a la biblioteca. She has already returned the books to the library.
Este es mi libro, el tuyo está allí. This is my book. Yours is over there.
el libro de gramática the grammar textbook
libro; talonario; reservar book
leer un libro to read a book
Abra el libro. Open the book.
un libro a book
el libro Book
libro book

We can recognize the facts and how they are. So we might observe a lot of things but we will never understand, we will never know why the flower is red, what brought the little aninal to that height.
Wowww! The images are great. I think it is enough resolution and quality for the first stage. I will let you know in a few days. The profile does not allow large images anyway so this one is enough.
The second day we visited the bird and the fish market, some large shopping malls and dedicated the entire day with shopping clothes and strolling around. I found a nice jacket, which I am still wearing.
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