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Translation of complete in Spanish

to complete     completar    ; ultimar    
complete     completo    ; total    

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Sample sentences:
There are only eleven eggs; you need another one to complete the dozen.

Hay sólo once huevos, necesita otro para completar la docena.
I need to complete this report before going home. Necesito completar este informe antes de irme a casa.
We need to add eggs to complete the cake. Necesitamos añadir huevos para completar el pastel.
Complete the dialogue Completa el diálogo
complete the form completar el formulario
Complete the chart Completa la tabla
complete completo; total; completar
exact, complete, sound cabal
to complete completar
full; complete pleno

She suddenly had to vomit and unfortunately she vomited on the new shoes of our friend and on her new Jeans. It was very embarrassing, especially because we were treated so well by this nice young man.
However, his English was excellent and we soon found out that he was an English teacher before the war. We agreed on a price for showing us the entire area during the next 2 days. We took a nap and he picked us up later.
Fortunately and against all odds there were seats available so that we changed our booking to the same day. Our destination was El Calafate in the South of Patagonia in order to see the glaciers.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of complete   [ completed, completed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of completar
completo  completas  completa  completamos  completáis  completan  completaba  completabas  completaba  completábamos  completabais  completaban  completé  completaste  completó  completamos  completasteis  completaron  completaré  completarás  completará  completaremos  completaréis  completarán 
Conjugation of ultimar
ultimo  ultimas  ultima  ultimamos  ultimáis  ultiman  ultimaba  ultimabas  ultimaba  ultimábamos  ultimabais  ultimaban  ultimé  ultimaste  ultimó  ultimamos  ultimasteis  ultimaron  ultimaré  ultimarás  ultimará  ultimaremos  ultimaréis  ultimarán